Free, for non-commercial use only, version of PxPlus

EDIAS is the PVX Plus Technologies Master Reseller since 2005. We distribute and support the PVX Plus Technologies product PxBasic. PVX Plus Technologies develops, designs, markets, and supports this feature-rich and platform-agnostic development language for a worldwide market.

PxBasic is an application development environment targeting cross platform business application development. This development environment provides for the creation of high-performance applications that will run on a wide variety of operating systems, such as, Windows, Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, etc., all with little or no changes. PxPlus is a chargeable product designed for commercial use. PxBasic is a free non-commercial version designed for home, study, or hobbyist use. Both products are fundamentally the same, however, a number of features with PxPlus have been disabled in PxBasic, such as compatibility modes, multi-user access, and some database support. The two products are compatible thus; applications, data files, and meta-data created in PxBasic can be run using PxPlus.

To see what each product offers, please view: Product Comparison chart

To download PxBasic Directly, click here.

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