EDIAS is the PVX Plus Technologies Master Reseller since 2005. We distribute and support the PVX Plus Technologies product PxPlus. PVX Plus Technologies develops, designs, markets, and supports this feature-rich and platform-agnostic development language for a worldwide market.

Why PxPlus should be your business application development system

Platform-independent, feature-rich and extremely powerful, PxPlus delivers software development tools with exceptional language simplicity and seemingly limitless technological and functional capabilities.

With over 25 years of development and thousands of installations, see how PxPlus can allow you to create resilient business applications for use on Windows, the web, even smart phones.

Proven Reliability

When selling your application, the reliability of your development platform is of prime importance. PxPlus has been in use for over 25 years in a wide variety of applications.
From banking, medical records to casino management applications, wherever reliability is essential, PxPlus has been chosen to run these systems.

If you need a platform that you know you can trust to run your application, then you need PxPlus.

Adaptability to changing technology

The world of technology is ever changing; what is new one month is commonplace the next and outdated the month after that. This poses a challenge to every application designer, and many toolkits, can render an application obsolete before it ever hits the street. PxPlus has over 25 years proven ability to be able to adapt to this ever-changing world.
Using PxPlus, applications that have been written back in the 1980’s still continue to run today in environments never dreamed of when the code was first developed. We provide you, the application developer, with an environment that not only changes and adapts to the new environments without having to re-code or redesign your application logic, but also “future proofs” your application against changes to come.

Affordability upfront and long-term

PxPlus is one of the most cost effective options around.

Flexibility to run anywhere

PxPlus handles many of the complexities involved with supporting multiple operating system platforms. By providing platform independent interfaces for functionality, such as, email, web messaging, file transfers, and data storage, PxPlus gives you the flexibility to chose whatever platform best suits the needs of your application.
Applications developed in PxPlus can be run on Windows, Linux, Unix or the MAC by doing little more than just copying the programs and data files between platforms. With PxPlus’ latest product iNomads, we have taken this flexibility even further by allowing graphical PxPlus applications to run natively on the Web using HTML5, Ajax, and JavaScript.

Simplicity is the key

Writing good applications is difficult enough as it is, so why add to your work load by using tools that are hard to learn and difficult to understand?
Our focus, with PxPlus, has always been to create a powerful yet simple to learn and understand environment. Manpower, be it for use in development or support, is expensive and when creating applications time and money can be better spent on things other than learning the language and toolkits.

This focus on simplicity also means that is easier to train new personnel on your application – a key asset for any business.

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