EDIAS Software International

Welcome to EDIAS Software International.

EDIAS is the number one supplier of powerful software development tools for more than 50 years. We provide computer software products along with the best technical support. In addition, we offer a wide variety of software tools and programs to assist our customers developing and implementing their software solutions.

Our products come from constantly innovating sources, matching the ever changing demands for software solutions development. Demands to meet the latest trends, like for example OOP, Web applications, In the Cloud and SaaS.

We cooperate with educational institutions for the implementation of internships and recruitment of new programmers. We organize workshops to innovate the knowledge of our customers along with our products.

Whether you want to work together and become an EDIAS partner, you are a programmer at a software house and want to develop in PxPlus, or you are an end user looking for the best cost efficient solution and the right partner for a professional custom made application, please contact EDIAS.


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