NameDescriptionTypeSize A Process Lister for PVXWIN32 4.20 or later. Runs on Win95/98 and WinNT. You need to install Microsoft PSAPI.DLL if you plan on using the utility on WinNT (or 2000). The ‘kill task’ functionality has been disabled, but can be enabled by simply not disabling the ‘kill’ button. Usage of the ‘kill task’ functionality is at own risk. GUI 3.6 KB A program that uses some of the RASAPI32.DLL functions like RasDial, RasGetConnectStatus, RasHangUp, etc… Tested on WIN95/98 GUI 1.6 KB Some examples of how to use DLL/DLX (16-bit ProvideX for Windows *only*). TEXT 1.2 KB Some examples of how to use DLL functions in ProvideX for Windows 32-bit versions. TEXT 2.7 KB An OCX example that consists of a Nomads panel and a ProvideX program (run the ‘popocx.pgm’ program to start the application). The application will access any POP3 mail server and display the messages that are waiting for download. In order to use this application, you need a ProvideX 4.20 or later and a freeware OCX control, that can be downloaded by clicking this link. Please be aware that the OCX control is about 1500 KB in size. Note that the OCX control is also available from website (search for ‘freepop’).Also note that when you run the program a second time in ProvideX 4.19y Release Candidate 1, you’ll receive a ‘Win32 API failed’ message. Don’t worry about this message – Sage Software Canada Ltd will take care of this in the ultimate 4.20 version. NOMADS 3.0 KB


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