EDIAS Software International is and has been your reliable partner for more then 50 years in providing you with the most advanced software development tools. Working closely together with our partners throughout Europe and the USA, by now thousands of large and small companies are working with a variety of applications. We can provide those companies looking for a software solution that is reliable, affordable and flexible enough to fully adjust to the existing business structures, where you can enable your customers to work easier, more efficient and ready to adapt to future changes.

Our goal is to provide you with a solution that is platform independence and has proven its flexibility running in almost every industry for almost every specific need. Hotel registration systems, measuring and control technology, CRM, ERP, logistics and transportation, real estate, travel, etc. are a few of the industries where PxPlus has proven its powerful environment.

EDIAS Software International is your direct contact for high quality, innovative software tools to create reliable, scalable and cost-effective business applications.

We can assist you and your customers in choosing the best technology available that will result in an affordable, flexible and reliable solution, tailored to your specific needs.

Contact EDIAS Software International BV for an appointment or a free quote.

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