Freeware Utilities

NameDescriptionTypeSize Manage all the possible ProvideX parameters, logically grouped by:Compatibility / File System / OS & WindX / International / General / Colours. Creates a startup program with the parameters you selected. GUI 13.5 KB
termcap.cvt Programs that converts a termcap entry to a ProvideX driver. TEXT 8.5 KB Exports data from ProvideX files with an embedded Data Dictionary to EXCEL. GUI 5.8 KB Example program, using *WINPRT*, to select a printer, select one of the available fonts, enter the prefered number of columns and/or rows and print a test-page. GUI 2.3 KB GUI front-end for *patch utility. NOMADS 4.0 KB This utility generates a text-program that creates ODBC files from your Nomads Data Dictionary files TEXT 3.6 KB Change the video palette of ProvideX for Windows. GUI 2.1 KB ProvideX BMP viewer. GUI 1.5 KB
ansi_emu.exe Self-extracting executable that contains an ANSI emulator, written in ProvideX code. Requires ProvideX For Windows 4.23 or later. Note that the actual code is password protected. You need to fill out a form (name & mail address) in order to download the program. Version 1.3 GUI 308 KB
FTP client FTP client call program, capable of sending and receiving files in both ASCII and BINARY mode. File transfer mode is user selectable (PASV or PORT). Documentation contained within program. ProvideX 4.20 or later required. Version 0.5 TEXT 4 KB
File Transfer Utility v0.7 Host/Client Utility to transfer files between two ProvideX tasks. i.e. from ProvideX host to WindX client and vice versa. Performance comparable to FTP. Readme included in zip-file. PVX 4.20 or later required. RUN/CALL 6 KB CALL program with usage documentation in first lines of program code. Can only be used in true Version 6 ProvideX versions. Version 2: creates smaller EFF files.   TEXT 2.8 KB Graphical application that can display the entire RGB colour palette. Can only be used in true Version 6 ProvideX versions. GUI 1.1 KB A set of routines to add or subtract 1 bit to or from a string. To rotate a bit in a string left or right. Could be handy in a SELECT verb when accessing a file via a descending key. TEXT 2 KB This program transfers files from the host to the local WindX client PC TEXT 2 KB


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