PVRQ ReportWriter

The PVRQ report/query writer is very easy to use. It’s intuitive graphical interface allows the user to simply point and click to select the data desired.

PVRQ is also powerful, allowing you to link tables, filter data, customize computations, sort your data, and more.

Reports may be printed on virtually any printer, displayed in your favorite web browser, exported to a spreadsheet, or written to a file for import into other databases.

Security features allow system administrators to control access to sensitive data, and to restrict reporting privileges for specific users.

Developed in ProvideX or PxPlus, the PVRQ report writer directly accesses your data using the standard ProvideX data dictionary without the need for an ODBC driver. (The ProvideX ODBC driver can optionally be used where tables have not been set up in the dictionary). The result is a fast, reliable and affordable report writing solution.

Editions of PVRQ are available for the Windows operating system as well as for various Unix based systems. You can download the product and try it out for 30 days at no charge.

Installation instructions

PVRQ can be installed in a client/server environment or as a standalone product on an individual Windows PC. Select the instructions below that apply to your situation.

Server Installation

Microsoft Windows
Execute the self extracting executable and follow the on-screen instructions.

The program will install the PVRQ programs into the C:\PVX\PVRQ directory. You should normally accept this default directory to ensure the report writer can be found by your applications software.

Uncompress the tar file and extract the files in the directory you want.

Client Installation

Only on Windows
Follow the same steps as the Server Installation, but this time the choice of directory is not an option, but you must accept c:\pvx\pvrq\

Download PVRQ

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