Easy to learn and the tools to do so

Learning to work with the powerful PxPlus development tools, offers a more then great work perspective and a secure future for young developers. A lot of large enterprises through out Europe who are working with PxPlus are in great need of new programmers.

If you have any affinity with software programming in a working area or educational, (Visual Basic for example) PxPlus will be real easy to learn. You will be amazed with the possibilities, the compatibility with other common used products, and how little these powerful tools ask of your hardware. It runs perfect and fast on almost any piece of equipment.


Some of the highlights:

No need for expensive high-end hardware.

Runs on Windows, Unix, Linux, Apple, OSx, Android etc..

Runs on almost every piece of hardware from a Thin Client, PC, Server, Tablet, and even your Smartphone!

Next to its own powerful database, PxPlus is compatible with many common used databases, for example Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, etc.

Very easy to learn, click here to download the manuals.

Free version available, PxBasic. Click here to download (for non-commercial and educational purposes only)


Next to the free available software and the manuals to support you in learning to work with PxPlus, there is additional information available:

There is a Wiki page with lots of extra information.
You can consult the ProvideX Knowledge base, powered by Astecom.
You can register on the PxPlus mailinglist.

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