ProvideX Freeware Console Mode Commands

LOADWDX / SAVEWDX Loads a program from the WindX workstation into server memory and saves a server program onto the WindX workstation filesystem. TEXT 4 KB
DDUMP Intelligent selective DUMP examples:Search for variable names. Use wildcards * and ? DDUMP %NOMAD*:Dumps only those variables starting with %NOMAD. DDUMP CUST.*: Dumps only those variables from an IOLIST read from a file with …,REC=CUST$,… DDUMP %*ABC$: Dumps only global string variables ending with ‘ABC$’.DDUMP ?: Dumps only 1 char long variables. Search for contents and dump only those variables Use a # in front of the searchstring. DDUMP #software: Dumps only those variables containing the word ‘software’, not in the name of the variable, but in the contents of the string. TEXT 1.9 KB
CD DOS-like CD command to set and retrieve the active working directory. examples:CD Returns the active working directory. Same as PRINT DIR(“”) CD pvxlib: Sets the working directory to pvxlib. Same as CWDIR “pvxlib” TEXT 0.3 KB
COMPARE Compares a program in workspace with its version on disk and shows you the differences. TEXT 2.2 KB


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